Proper storage for pysanky–in a paper carton (if the eggs haven't been emptied)

Remembrance of Pysanky Past

My mother recently gave me several cartons of my old pysanky. It was fun looking back at my early work. Most needed a bit of cleaning, though, and a few could use a new coat of varnish.

These eggs are not quite antiques, but the faded, yellowing varnish and unemptied shells give away their age. I have tried to place them in some sort of chronological order, but most are not dated.  The technique of the later eggs is much improved, I hope.

These pysanky are the survivors that didn't leak or explode.

My early sources for pysanka designs were pysanka postcards, the early UGS books (particularly Eggs Beautiful), and design sheets from pysanka classes. 

My Early Pysanky

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