Ivan Balan collected hundreds of Bukovynian pysanky during the late 20th century, most of them from the village of Roztoky, where his kuma resided. Even then, it was a center of market pysankarstvo, with pysankary producing thousands of pysanky for sale at Easter.  You can find albums of these pysanky and further information here.

The pysanky below were collected in 2017 by Vira Manko, and are exemplars of the traditional designs of this town and region. They show the Hutsul complexity common to the mountainous (Hutsul) areas of Bukovyna, and utilize a variety of traditional motifs and divisions. It is interesting to compare the two sets, and see the changes in design choices over time.

(Painting above by Ivan Balan, based on pysanky he collected from Roztoky.)

  Putyla        Roztoky
  Putyla        Roztoky

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