Candles were probably not used very much in the more distant past in pysankarstvo–they were a luxury item for most people, and not something that would be found in any quantity in a peasant’s house.  Rather, wax was kept in a molten state either with coals or embers form a stove (painting detail below), or in some ingenious lamp-based wax heating apparatus.

(Note the small bowl on the left, on the stove, and filed with styluses.  It is sitting in a pile of embers, which heat the earthenware bowl and keep the wax molten.)

But candles have become an integral part of traditional pysankarstvo, especially in the diaspora, where other methods have become abandoned and forgotten.  Most houses no longer have a піч, the large stove that was a ready source of embers, nor do most people own oil lamps of any sort.  The candle has become the safe, convenient and popular alternative.

On the following pages there are discussions of many aspects of candles in pysankarstvo:

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