Making Pysanky with Family

and Friends


My nieces and nephew used to attend pysanka classes at St.Mary’s Church, but, for the last few years, we’ve been making them at their house instead.  They really enjoy making them, so their mother, Laurie, and I set aside a day during their spring break, and create lots and lots of pysanky.  It’s a bit like in the old days in Ukraine, but without singing and with a few boys.

My mother, Sonia, tried making pysanky once, in 2005, and decided it was much harder than it looked.  She decided to go back to her embroidery.  Laurie’s mother, Toni, tried in 2006, really enjoyed it, and has become an enthusiast.

In the last few years, NIck, Maria and Kalyna have had their cousins and friends over as well.  As they’ve all grown older, their enthusiasm for the art has grown, as have their skills.  And, in the past year or two, some of my friends have attended as well

Photos of the pysanka making process can be found on the pages below.  Photos of the pysanky created at these sessions can be found in the Galleries section.

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