Making pysanky has become quite a popular activity in my brother’s family.  This year Laurie invited her brother;’s family again, as well as her mother and a friend with three children.  She thought that the kids would make an egg each, and then go outside to play, leaving a lot of time for the adults to make pysanky as well.

She hadn’t counted on how much the children enjoyed the pysanka-making process.  They took breaks to eat and play, but kept coming back to make another egg, and another, and another.  In the end, we’d used up three dozen eggs.  The ladies had a chance to work on their eggs, and Laurie’s mom made her first.  We began at 10 a.m., and ended sometime after 8 p.m.

To view the pysanky they made, click here for DeMarois, Petrusha or Rollinger.

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Troy 2006

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