Pysanky at St. Mary’s


Andy demonstrates removal of wax to his sons Matthew and Roman

Pysanka classes have been an annual event at St. Mary's since my childhood (if not even earlier).  In the decade or so, I have been teaching the classes.  I began when my Nick and Kalyna were in kindergarten, and my cousin Vera was their teacher.  I have continued since, through several changes of teachers and directors, and a slew of new students.

The classes are held in the church hall, and, while meant for our Ukrainian school students, were once open to anyone who was interested.  As the Ukrainian school has grown larger, and its students more numerous, the classes have been moved to Saturdays, and more closely incorporated into the school curriculum. Occasionally I can convince my graduates (Nick, Kalyna, Fuzz, Yarko, Liza) to come and help out.

Since I am teaching, I find it hard to take the photos.  Thus, few photos and short pages.  Photos of the pysanka writing process are in the albums below.

Photos of the pysanky can be found in the Galleries section.  More about our Ukrainian school here.

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