Unlike other pages in this section, the downloads on this page are meant to be purely fun, rather than instructional.  I have been photographing my eggs, sometimes in groups, for many years and, at least since I got my first digital SLR (a Canon 10D) in 2003, sending out annual electronic Easter cards and sometimesl other holiday cards.

The downloads below include a selection of various “group photos” of my pysanky.  All are completely ad-free.  Feel free to use them as screensavers or computer wallpaper, or for whatever other personal, non-commercial purpose you may have.  Please do not publish them elsewhere without my permission (see e-mail link below), or use them for any commercial purposes.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Click on any of the thumbnails below to view a larger version of each file.  To download photos to your computer, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) on a thumbnail below, and choose the “download/save“ option from the contextual menu.  (Note: you can also right-click on a Mac mouse if you have that function enabled in your Mouse Preferences.)

Easter Photos:

Easter Basket 2013

Easter Basket Close-Up 2013

Provody 2013

Easter Basket 2016

Easter Bread 2016

Children’s Pysanky:

Pokrova 2013

UCARE 2016

Brown Egg Pysanky:

Traditional Pysanky:

Traditional Volynian Pysanky

Snowflake Eggs:

Original Snowflake Eggs

2011 Snowflakes

2012 Snowflake Poster

2013 Snowflake Poster

2015 Snowflake Poster

2016 Snowflake Poster

Brown Snowflake Eggs

Snowflake Rainbow

Autumn Pysanky:

Autumn Leaves 2012

Halloween Eggs

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