A bowl full of drop-pull pysanky

Below are a few of the drop-pull eggs I have made over the years.  The designs are taken from various sources, including several web sites and pysanka books, and out of my imagination.

I’ve included two pysanky with the wax left on–not only can you see what an unfinished drop-pull egg looks like, but you can appreciated the beauty of the glossy black wax (this batch was particularly glossy from repeated heating) on a brown egg.

Next are some vaguely traditional looking eggs, which may or may not be based on actual Lemko pysanky, and some more complex designs. (Many of the more intricate patterns on this page are from the now defunct “eggstrart” site; Bo Langer creates some truly incredible drop-pull eggs, which you can now view on her Etsy shop.) These are vaguely grouped by design motifs and themes.

Finally I’ve included traditional designs adapted for the brown pysanka with a black finish, as well as some of my own experiments with brown eggs using red and black dyes.

You can find photos of traditional Ukrainian drop-pull pysanky on these pages:

Priashiv pysanky

Lemko pysanky


Drop-Pull Eggs

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