The pysanky on this page are copies of those found in Zenon Elyjiw’s book “Sixty Score of Ukrainian Easter Eggs,” which he self published in 1994.

Elyjiw’s book has 1200 photos of pysanky; they include traditional folk pysanky, Iryna Biliak’s pysanky (Tabлe 75), and what he calls “diasporan pysanky.  The latter include pysanky written in the diaspora for which he did not have definite provenance.  Some are traditional designs; others are folk style designs from the diaspora. There are also multiple views of the same pysanka, e.g. the Sokal florals.

The traditional pysanky have, when available, lots of identifying data: village or region of origin, and common name. Some of the locations are in the old style, with povits and hubernias given. On this page I am including only those from Kyiv oblast; those from other oblasts will be included in the appropriate sections.

When known, I have included the local names of the pysanky and their translations; I have also included Table (Plate) and photo number for each pysanka.

Some of the pysanky from povit Skvyra (modern day Skvyra raion) are taken from Shcherbakivsky.  There is an error in pysanka 1-11; the final color should be black with large red blotches.

  Binyashevsky        Onyshchuk


Zenon Elyjiw

Зенон Елиїв

  Binyashevsky        Onyshchuk

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