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In his “Catalog,” Kulzhynsky included thirty two (32) pysanky from the village of Shuliavka.  In 1899 is was a small village outside of Kyiv. Today it no longer exists, having been swallowed up by the ever-growing metropolis of Kyiv. The photo a the top is a recreation by Zoya Stashuk of twenty of these pysanky. (She apparently has used brown eggs to do this, making the colors much darker toned than the originals.)

Among the pysanky included, seven were included in the color plates, Table IX, number 16, and Table X, numbers 1-6. These pysanky were numbered 633, 640, 647, 652, 657, 665 and 667 in the catalog. These are those pysanky:

Pysanka 16 (633): unnamed

Pysanka 1 (640): «Рибка» (Fish)

Pysanka 2 (647): «Хрещата» (Crosses)
Pysanka 3 (652): «Пявочка» (Leech)

Pysanka 4 (653): unnamed
Pysanka 5 (657): «Бузкове листя» (Lilac leaves)

Pysanka 6 (665): «Яблучка» (Apples)

The black and white line drawings are shown below:

634: unnamed
635: «Круторожки»

636: «Дубове листя»
637: «Сливки» (Plums)

638: «Сливки» (Plums)

639: «Рибка»

641: «Рачок»
642: «Рачок» (Crayfish)

643: «Хрещатики» (Crosses)

644: «Хрещатики» (Crosses)
645: «Хрещатики» (Crosses)

646: «Хрещатa» (Crosses)

648: «Тополька» (Poplar)

649: «Сосонка» (Horsetail plant)
650: «Сосонка» (Horsetail plant)

651: «Сосонка» (Horsetail plant)

653: «Сливки» (Plums)

654: unnamed
655: «Ємолок»

656: «Звіздочки» (Star)

658: «Грушки» (Pears)

659: «Лейстра»  (?mirror)
660: «Шолудива рожа»

661: «Виноград» (Grapes)

662: «Півонія» (Peony)

663: «Яблучка» (Apples)
664: «Льіговка»

666: «Яблучка» (Apples)


Kulzhynskyi: Shuliavka village

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