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In the 2005, a small book was published about Erast Binyashevsky, entitled «Світ Української Писанки» (The World of the Ukrainian Pysanka).  It was printed on poor quality paper, with cheap inks, but did include many of Binyashevsky’s previously unpublished pysanky.

The book contained two pages of Kyivan pysanky.  I’ve taken a scanned copy of the book, separated and enhanced the photos, and uploaded them below.  I’ve included translations of the names–as always, they should be taken with a grain of salt.  Binyashevsky was apt to make up names if pysanky didn’t have them, and to change existing ones.

  Binyashevsky Folio        Pysanky

Binyashevsky: “The World of the Ukrainian Pysanka”

  Binyashevsky Folio        Pysanky

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