Lemko Pysanky


Pysanky of the Lemko People

  Lemkivshchyna        Elyjiw

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The pysanky produced by the Lemko people are almost all of the drop-pull variety.  They vary from simple, bicolor geometric designs to complex patterns, employing many colors, and utilizing cosmomorphic, phytomorphic and zoomorphic motifs. It is amazing to consider that these designs, as intricate as they may be, were all created using a candle, a bit of wax, and a common straight pin.

The pysanky in the following albums are copied form various sources.  I have tried to re-create them faithfully, but my technique is not the best, and aniline dyes give much brighter colors than natural ones, so there are differences. These are pysanky that were simply labelled “Lemko.”  Those from the Pryashiv region of present-day Slovakia have there own section here.