Nontraditional “Pysanky”

and Novelty Eggs


Eggs for Every Season

The eggs in the albums below are made using the wax-resist technique, but are non-traditional for one of two reasons – non-traditional egg or non-traditional theme. I make them for fun; they’re not great art, but some are pretty cute!  You can go to the albums by clicking on the title in the list below, or by clicking on the album covers further down the page.

Cockatiel Eggs: My friend Pam Espinoza gave me some eggs that her cockatiel had laid.  The eggs are quite small and fragile; these are the pysanky I created with them.

Faux Sgraffito: Multicolored scratchwork-like eggs, first written by pysankarka Iryna Vakh.  Quite lovely.

Chick Eggs: A collection of special personalized pysanky I made for my various nieces and nephews in 2006.  They feature a hatching chick as the central motif.

Penguin Eggs:  These are not eggs laid by penguins, but eggs written to look like penguins.  Penguins are somewhat egg-shaped, so making these eggs didn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination.

Frog Eggs: A pair of very special frog-themed pysanky I made for my sister-in-law and her mother. Actual frog eggs would be problematic to work with, as they are quite sticky......

Maple Leaves: These eggs were inspired by the colorful leaves of a midwestern autumn.  I first made these in 2008, using red maple leaf motifs, and have created new versions each year since.

Autumn Leaves: This set of pysanky was an attempt to capture, on a goose egg, the glorious leaves of a Michigan autumn.  The eggs include beech, ash, maple and oak leaf motifs on a variety of backgrounds. 

Pumpkin Eggs: I was first inspired to create these tiny jack-o-lanterns for Halloween of 2005, and have made them several times since. Small chicken eggs make fine faux pumpkins. I have added instructions and moved them to their own section, here.

Halloween Eggs: Inspired by a Martha Stewart article, these are my scary Halloween designs––skeletons, ghosts, owls and spiders.

Christmas Eggs:  Some nontraditional pysanky with traditional western Christmas motifs (poinsettias, bells, stockings, snowmen) make nice ornaments for a lovely Christmas tree.

Snowflake Eggs: I’ve been creating these small pysanky for years.  Like snowflakes, each one is unique.  I have moved my snowflake pages here.


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