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This is actually more of a detailed outline of my Pysanka site than an actual index–– it’s not alphabetized––or a detailed table of contents  The site itself can be quite confusing, as I keep adding sections and pages, and move things around on a regular basis.  At last count there were more than four hundred (400) pages in the Pysanka site (and growing).

This Index is here to help you find your way around, especially if you are looking for something specific, and not just wandering around and enjoying the view. I suspect that mine is now the largest, most extensive pysanka site on the web, and navigating something of this size (or even remembering where particular pages are) can be a challenge.

The original single-page version of the index can be found here.  It can be useful, but may be slow to load.  Some browsers may not display it properly.  If you have either problem, you may wish to use the Index pages below.

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(Note: entire index has been moved here.)


My site is currently divided into fourteen main sections:

  1. 1.The Pysanka (main page, general information)

  2. 2.History, Traditions and Legends        

  3. 3.Ukrainian Easter (traditions and cards)

  4. 4.Symbolism of the Ukrainian Pysanka

  5. 5.Traditional Ukrainian Folk Pysanky (traditional patterns I have recreated and ethnographic information)

  6. 6.Pysankarstvo (the art, science and techniques of making pysanky) 

  7. 7.Pysanka Classes (photos of my classes and students)

  8. 8.Teaching Pysankarstvo (how to teach pysanka making)

  9. 9.Pysanky Around the World (photos of my friends and students and their pysanky)

  10. 10.Ukrainian Pysanky (pysanky made in Ukraine by Ukrainian artists)

  11. 11.Variations on the Pysanka (decorated eggs from around the world)

  12. 12.My Pysanky (annual collections, posters, modern and nontraditional pysanky I have made)

  13. 13.Pysanka Galleries (my friends’ pysanka collections)  

  14. 14.Books (an annotated bibliography of books about pysanky and related subjects)

You can go directly to any of these sections by clicking on their titles above.  There are lots of pages in each section, with all sorts of lists of links and menus. The sections vary greatly in size––some may only be planned, others may have only a very few pages, while yet others may have a hundred pages. Or you may prefer a more detailed outline in advance, in which case the Index (below) might be more useful.


The divisions above can all get quite complicated, so I created this index/outline to make it easier to navigate.  Each page1 in the index  is listed in outline form, and is an active link.  You can click through to any of my pysanka pages directly from the pages of this index, instead of having to click through various hierarchies of pages and links

Because of the large number of pages in this site, the index had been taking a long time to load, and has gotten bloated and ungainly.  To make it easier to work with I’ve divided up the index into seven pages, with the fourteen sections divided among the seven index pages based on this scheme:










General information about pysanky and related Ukrainian traditions

Regional traditional Ukrainian pysanky: photos and information

Pysankarstvo (making pysanky)         

Collections: photos of pysanky (and other decorated eggs) I have collected

My pysanky: photos of modern pysanky I have made

Pysanka galleries: photos of my friends’ pysanky, some of which I have made

Annotated bibliography (sections only, not individual pages here)

The index is detailed, with every public page on the site being listed, although descriptions are kept to a minimum. You can reach any page from its link in the index, as well as from links on the main pages within the site. 

You can access a single page version of this index here.


  1. 1.The pages in the “Books” section pages are not listed separately, as that is done in the Annotated Bibliography itself.  As each book in this section has its own page, this would be redundant and repetitive.


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