In 1968, a small book was published in Kyiv, bearing the title « Українські писанки.» (“Ukrainian Pysanky”).  The book was neither broad in scope, nor did it introduce any groundbreaking discoveries.  But it was important, and it was groundbreaking, in that it was a book about pysanky, published in Ukraine, in Ukrainian.

The book included eight traditional folk pysanky from Pokuttia.  Sadly, the provenance was limited to the general region, except possibly for one pysanka called “Krasnostavtsi,” which may or may not be from the village of that name.

Below you see examples of three distinct pysanka styles from the region.  The first is strongly geometric, with much hatching, and the color scheme is white/yellow/brown.  The second is phytomorphic/curvilinear, with more orange and red, and the background is black.  Krapanka type dots are used to add color. The third is geometric with a white/orange/green/black color scheme.

Keep in mind that the names of the pysanky may be those given to them by pysankarky, or may just be descriptors created by Binyashevsky. 

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