Sniatyn raion

The photos below are of pysanky written by or collected by Vira Manko, and the designs all hale from the Village of Illintsi in the Sniatyn region.

The map at right shows the location of Illintsi within Ivano Frankivsk oblast.

The quality of the photos varies a lot, as these photos were taken by several photographers under varying conditions, including overexposure with a flash.  None the less, the designs are clearly visible to they have been posted.  Many pysanky have 2 views, and some have 3.

(Note: there are 140 photos spread over 2 pages.  you can go between pages by clicking on the “1” or “2” at the top and bottom of each set of photos, to the right.)


Іллінці, Снятинський район

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