Nakleyanky / Наклеянки  (from kleyaty / клеяти, "to glue") are created by gluing objects onto an egg. These were traditionally created from real eggs, but many are now made from wooden eggs as well.  These types of decorated eggs are traditionally made in Poland, but also found in western Ukraine. 

The first three nakleyanky were made by my friend Olenka, who is a pysanka teacher in Rivne, Ukraine.

The following two eggs are real eggs with some granular substance (in blue, green and yellow) glued to them.  These I purchased in Kosiv, a market town in the Carpathians (Ivano-Frankivs’k oblast).

In addition, wooden eggs can be nakleyanky.  Here they are decorated in a Polish style with paint, ribbon and sequins.  I purchased these eggs in L’viv.

Nakleyanky / Наклеянки

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