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Reading Ukrainian

Ukrainian is largely a phonetic language, and so can be fairly easily transliterated for the English speaker.  Below is a pronunciation guide, using (mostly) modern American English vocalizations.

Аа    “ah”  as in “say ahhh”  or “top”

Бб    “b” as in bitter

Вв    “v” as in viper

Гг    a hard “h” as in “how”

Ґґ    “g” hard as in “girl”

Дд    “d” as in dog

Ее    “eh” short e as in “hell”

Єє    Й + Е  “ye” as in “yellow”          

Жж    zh a softened “j” as in French “je taime”

Зз    “z” as in zebra

Ии    short “i” as in “hit”

Іі    long “e” as in “reed’

Її    Й + І  yee

Йй    “short “y” as in ““yodel”

Кк    “k” as in “kite”

Лл    “l” as in “listen”

Мм    “m” as in meteor

Нн    “n” as in neon

Оо    short “a” as in “”call”

Пп    “p” as in parsley

Рр    “r” but a bit harder that American r, not as rolled as Spanish r

Сс    “s” as in “snake”

Тт    “t” as in tyrant

Уу    “ooh”as in “cool” or “rule”

Фф    “f” as in flabbergasted

Хх    very soft “h” often transliterated “kh” or “ch” but sound like the second half of a “k” sound

Цц    “ts” as in “lots” or “gets

Чч    “ch” as in “church

Шш    “sh” as in “ship”

Щщ    “sh” + “ch”   

Юю    Й + У  you

Яя    Й + А  “yah” as in “yarmulka”          

ь   soft sign ь has no phonetic value, but indicates softening (palatalization) of the preceding consonant.

More information about the Ukrainian alphabet and pronunciation can be found here.

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