Traditional Pysanky

of Volyn


In the following albums you will find photos of traditional Volynian pysanky that I have recreated.  I’ve arranged the photos into albums by source, and in a chronological  manner.  If a pysanka is found in more than one source, I will include the photo on each source’s page.

The names of the albums below can be interpreted thusly:

ЕБ:  Ераст Біняшевський/ Erast Binyashevsky  “Pysanka”

ОО:  Одарка Онищук/ Odarka Onyshchuk  “Symbolism of the Ukrainian Pysanka”

ЗЕ:  Зенон Елиїв/ Zenon Elyjiw  “Sixty Score of Easter Eggs”

ВП:  «Волинська Писанка» / “The Volynian Pysanka”

ВМ:  Віра Манько/ Vira Manko  “The Ukrainian Folk Pysanka”

Other:  Plast and Ukrainian stamps, etc., other books

  Rocznik Wolynski        Kulzhynsky

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