Easter came relatively early this year, so I didn’t make quite as many new pysanky this year as last.  That, and I was a bit distracted creating new and interesting designs on brown eggs, of which I had to buy a whole case (the minimum special order amount at the Amish place–thirty dozen, or 360 eggs!)

UGS did come out with their “Ukrainian Easter Egg Design Book Five” (UGS DB5), and I got a copy of their special hardcover 60th anniversary edition.  It is a nice book, with a good history of the UGS, profiles of everyone who’d worked there, and a bunch of new patterns to try out.

So I did, although I played around with them, changing colors and moving some of the design elements around.  It was fun, and I ended up with a lovely bowl of pysanky, and an awful lot of blue colored eggs!

Once again this year I made children’s pysanky, one for each of my “nieces and nephews” (the third generation of Petrushas in America), plus a few for my friends’ kids.  For the boys, I made an egg with fish on it; for the girls, butterflies.  I wrote their names on them with metallic sharpies to nice effect.



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