Beaded “Pysanky”



This is yet another variation on the beaded egg that I have found in Ukraine. I first saw these in the summer of 2007,  in Uzhorod (Zakarpattia).  In this technique, an egg (wooden) is covered with cloth onto which beads have been sewn. They can be quite attractive. 

Beadwork has long been used to adorn Ukrainian clothing.  Beads have been embroidered onto shirts, jackets, skirts, belts and keptaryky, as well as being  incorporated into korony (women’s headdresses), often in lovely floral designs.

Detail from a beaded belt

Detail of floral bead embroidery

The examples I have here utilize not only fancy bead stitchery, but а decorative ribbon garland to divide the fields. 

Detail of beadwork on an applique egg

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