Beaded eggs being currently created in Ukraine are being made in a very different fashion from the traditional beaded eggs.  Rather than using an inlay process with beeswax, these eggs have beads that are strung together, and then glued onto the surface of a wooden egg.  The beads can be individually glued on as well.  This is not surprising, as Ukrainians have a long history of decorative beadwork, including beaded embroidery and the creation of gerdany.

Sometimes the beads are first woven in small sections of gerdany–bands or medallions–and these components are glued to the surface of the egg.

These beaded eggs are now produced in many parts of Ukraine, but in greatest quantity in the Hutsul areas (the handcraft and souvenir capital of Ukraine). The artists have begun to incorporate elements besides simple glass beads.  Pearls and gold beads, bugle beads, tear-shaped beads, glass jewels and sequins are being used, as well as small icons.  Many have a beaded or golden string.

In addition to traditional-type pysanka and embroidery patterns, floral and religious motifs are being seen more commonly.

Beaded “Pysanky”


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