Erast Binyashevsky


Erast Binyashevsky (26.VI.1928 – 12.ІІІ.1996) was a Ukrainian physician who became fascinated by folk pysanky and dedicated his life to collecting and preserving their patterns.  A small part of his collection of watercolors of traditional designs was published in the USSR in 1968 as “The Ukrainian Pysanka.”  The book had a small print run and was largely sold abroad.

In the 1990s, after independence, interest in pysankarstvo grew, and many of Binyashevsky’s illustrations were republished in a folio, printed on cheap paper, and widely sold. 

His unpublished illustrations were later included in other books; some were photographed by Tanya Osadca at the ethnographic museum at the Lavra in Kyiv.

I’ve scanned the book and the folio, and Tanya’s photos.  You can find them at the links below.

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