Encoding the Message


Now that you’ve encoded the day and date, where do you put you message?  According to my handout, that goes into the middle band of the egg.

But first we have to add in the calendrical date.Starting from the bottom end of the egg and progressing centrally, additional bands are drawn, and information placed inside each narrow band.  On this pysanka we have coded the following information:



PO (ponedilok/Monday) 

There is much room here to add a medallion with your message in it.  You could put the name of the person you are sending it to (as shown here).  Or you could, as is shown in this illustration, code for «Христос Воскрес» (“Christ is Risen,” the traditional Ukrainian Easter greeting).

So what is the message of this pysanka?

“In the year 1993 from the birth of Christ, on the sixth day of the waning moon in the constellation Taurus, April 5, Monday –– Christ is Risen! (Signed Volodya)”

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