Months and Seasons


A Brodivs’ka pysanka can also use a symbolic code to indicate seasons and months of the year.  Each of the seasons is represented by triangles with internal divisions, and a small cut out triangle or rectangle in its base:  









These seasonal symbols can be made into symbols signifying individual months by the addition of markings into the cut-out area of the triangle. The first month of the season has one line added, the second – two lines (an angle), and the third – three lines (a chicken’s foot).  

To indicate the spring months, we take the spring symbol above and add marking, to create the month March, April and May:

Березень, Квітень, Травень

March, April, May

(Note: the orientation–which end of the triangle is up– is not important, but the pattern within is.) To depict the summer months, we take the summer symbol above and create these:

Червень, Липень, Серпень

June, July, August

Autumn is similarly straightforward:

Вересень, Жовтень, Листопад

September, October, November

And, finally, winter, the fourth season of the pagan year, as, until just a few centuries ago, the New Year was thought to begin with the coming of spring:

Грудень, Сiчень, Лютий

December, January, February

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