Brown Egg



As an experiment, I decided to make the same design on a dozen brown eggs, but dye each in a different final color.  The egg above was dyed my usual black, but the ten eggs below (I goofed up the design on one) have been dyed a rainbow of final colors.

Your results may vary, as, unlike white eggs, brown eggs vary hugely in color.  These pysanky can, however, give you some idea of what to expect at your dyeing table. I’ve noted the colors of the dyes used; all were, if I remember correctly, UGS dyes.

Not pictured on this page, but my favorite color to use with brown eggs is a red mixture, rather than any standard packaged red.  It is a tip I got from my friends in Ukraine: mix together 1 package each of UGS “Scarlet”  and UGS “Red” dye, add 1.5 cups of boiling water and 1-2 T of vinegar.  The resulting red dye is a nice, deep red without boing too dark.  It is the dye used on these children’s pysanky.


A Brown Rainbow

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