Chernivtsi Oblast

Чернівецька область


By decision of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on 2 August, northern Bukovyna, together with northern Bessarabia and a small part of old Romania containing the town of Hertsa, became Chernivtsi oblast. And thus it has remained in independent Ukraine, an oblast consisting of three older ethnographic regions (shown on the map below).

It should be noted that the region labeled “Bukovina (in red) above, could be further subdivided, and Putyla raion is ethnographically Hutsul, although it has been a part of Bukovyna for generations. (It is one of the three divisions of Hutsulshchyna.)

The map below shows the distribution of the various ethnicities throughout Chernivtsi oblast.  Although the larger cities and towns tend to be of mixed ethnicity, villages are still often predominantly peopled by one ethnic group or other (and often dominated by a few large families).

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