The pysanky on this page originate from Chernivtsi oblast.  They are from along the Dnister  River (shown as “Dniester” in the map above), at the eastern end of the oblast.  The pysanky are from the collection of Ivan Balan, and their simplicity of design suggests more of a Podillian style.

The pysanky pictured are all intact, unvarnished, unrestored eggs.  The dyes used vary, and some have faded, become blotchy or run. (On many of the pysanky the colors have run into the white lines and areas.) I have included multiple views of each pysanka, as it was the owner’s hope that they would be reproduced by pysankary and their designs thus preserved for posterity. 

Note the motifs and elements found in these pysanky: the storchova rozha, kucheri, and the hatched dividing band.

(Note: the numeration of these eggs, i.e. the  “Балан - №,” simply reflects the order in which they were photographed and their data recorded.  It is just my bookkeeping system.)


The Dnister River Valley

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