Storozhynets Raion

Сторожинецький Район

Sorozhynets raion is an area of mixed ethnicity and mountains.  Almost 40% of the population is ethnically Romanian; this population can be found in the southern half of the raion, towards the Romanian border.

Ivan Balan has two pysanky in his collection from this region, made in the drop-pull style (a style more characteristic of Lemky). These pysanky are shown below.  After WWII, many ethnic Lemky were resettled from areas under Polish hegemony to various regions of Ukraine.  It is possible that these pysanky were created by such resettled Lemky .

(Note: the numeration of these eggs, i.e. the  “Балан - №,” simply reflects the order in which they were photographed and their data recorded.  It is just my bookkeeping system.)

  Other Bukovynian        Podnistrovya


Southwestern Bukovyna

  Other Bukovynian        Podnistrovya

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