Putyla Raion

Путильський Район

Putyla raion is a beautiful mountainous area which include the highest peaks of the Bukovynian Carpathians.  The mountains are thickly wooded, with countless rivers, streams and waterfalls. In the forests there are deer, wild boars, foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, badgers, hares and a huge variety of birds.

The raion stretches from the Hutsul lands to the Romanian border, and is the westernmost part of Bukovyna.  Ethnographically speaking, the Putyla region is Bukovynian Hutsul.

The pysanky on these pages are traditional designs from villages in this ethnically Ukrainian region.  Most are from the collection of Ivan Balan, who began collecting them in the 1970s, in hopes of preserving some small portion of Bukovynian culture.  Please copy them to preserve and pass them along to future generations.

  Kitsman Raion        Pidzakharychi




  Kitsman Raion        Pidzakharychi

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