“Eight” Division

The “Eight” division is a simple and straightforward one, and quite common in Ukrainian pysankarstvo.  To create this division, one simply divide the surface of the egg in half longitudinally, and then in half again,
and then in half once more around the middle.

The dividing bands can be anything from a simple lines to intricately ornamented bands.  You can see the range of possibilities below.

The motifs are usually symmetric, in that they are either identical in all the wedges, or they alternate in a regular fashion.

One interesting aspect of this division is that where the dividing lines intersect, they form a cross, which is not just a Christian symbol, but also a powerful pagan symbol (especially in its equal-armed, compound version).  Many pysankary take advantage of this geometric quirk to create decorative crosses or eight-pointed stars within wider dividing bands at the intersections, as is demonstrated in many of the examples below.  (You can view a wide array of Bukovynian cross motif pysanky from Roztoky here.)

(Note: the numeration of these eggs, i.e. the  “Балан - №,” simply reflects the order in which they were photographed and their data recorded.  It is just my bookkeeping system.)


Eight-fold symmetry

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