Meridian Division

The meridian division is a very simple one, although not a terribly common one.  This division is a longitudinal, dividing the surface of the egg into long tapering strips.  This usually results in four repeating
design elements, as in the pysanky shown below, although any number of sections can be created.

The dividing band can be anything from a simple line to an intricately ornamented band.  You can see the range of possibilities below.

The motifs are usually symmetric, in that they are either identical in all the wedges, or they alternate in a regular fashion. Exceptions do occur, as in the fourth pysanka below (Балан 123)  with four different motifs.  And there is a huge variety of motifs, ranging from simple geometric figures (stars, etc.), to plant an animal motifs (fish being quite common in Bukovynian pysanky, to complex lateral or diagonal bands.

(Note: the numeration of these eggs, i.e. the  “Балан - №,” simply reflects the order in which they were photographed and their data recorded.  It is just my bookkeeping system.)


Four Longitudinal Wedges

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