Jacquard Acid Dyes

    600 Ecru
    601 Sun Yellow (Primary)
    602 Bright Yellow 
    603 Golden Yellow
    604 Burnt Orange
    605 Pumpkin Orange
    606 Deep Orange
    607 Salmon
    608 Pink (Primary)
    609 Scarlet
    610 Burgundy
    611 Vermillion
    612 Lilac
    613 Purple
    614 Violet
    615 Periwinkle
    616 Russet
    617 Cherry Red (Primary)
    618 Fire Red
    619 Crimson
    620 Hot Fuchsia
    621 Sky Blue (Primary)
    622 Sapphire Blue
    623 Brilliant Blue
    624 Turquoise (Primary)
    625 Royal Blue
    626 Navy Blue
    627 Brilliant Kelly Green
    628 Chartreuse
    629 Emerald
    630 Spruce
    631 Teal
    632 Chestnut
    633 Aztec Gold
    634 Olive
    635 Brown
    636 Gold Ochre
    637 Gun Metal
    638 Silver Grey
    639 Jet Black

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Experimenting with Color

The Jacquard company produces several lines of fabric dyes, among them a large number of acid dyes.  These are available through many retailers, among them the Dharma Trading Company (from which I bought several of the colors below).  The color chart is taken from the websites of Jacquard and Dharma.

Keep in mind that the colors below reflect what can be expected when dyeing textiles.  The colors they will dye a pysanka may be different, and are affected by the colors of the underlying (previous) dyes on the shell.

To prepare the Jacquard dyes for pysankarstvo, measure out about half a teaspoon of the powdered dye, and add about 1 to 1.5 cups of boiling water to it.  Mix well, and then add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar.