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I’m not absolutely certain what exactly Binyashevsky meant with his illustration of the cross division. Since he shows it in the oblique view, I assume he meant to show only one longitudinal dividing line encircling the egg (left, below). 


That is what I will be discussing below.  It’s possible that he meant to include what I have called the “Eight” division (right, above), which is probably the most common pysanka division and which he does not address.

There aren’t many good examples of this division to share.  I have found several pysanky in my collection, three of which are of the first variant (simple dividing lines); they are from Voronezh and Vinnytsia (2) regions:


In each of these examples, the phytorphic motif stretches across the entire segment in an arc, filling in completely.  Tгрее more examples, from Zakarpattia (Transcarpathia), Podnistrovia, and the Chernihiv region are simpler but similar:


The second pysanka has pine branches added at the cross, and the design elements are smaller, but it still has the same division. The third has a flower motif at each end, so the dividing line has been “covered.”

The second variant of this division is essentially the same, except that the dividing lines have been doubled, forming dividing bands.  The first two examples are from the Chernihiv region; the third is from Volyn:


The easiest way to draw this division is to use a lathe to make the equatorial line, and then draw in the longitudinal line around the egg (A).  If you don’t have a lathe, start with whichever line is easiest for you to do, then measure to find the halfway point and draw in the other.  The wax in the lines you have drawn (B).

Variant 1:

A                                 B

This is the top view of the egg:

Variant 2:

To create the second variant, start with the first variant above (B), and draw lines parallel to each of the lines, and on both sides.  It is easiest to measure and mark (
) in a few spots (C) and connect the lines (D).

C                                  D

This will give you the second variant in pencil (E); wax in the lines as in (F).

E                                 F

Top View:

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The “Four” Division