The globe division is not one of the basic divisions described by Binyashevsky or other ethnographers; it is one of three “Basic” divisions used by Natalie Perchyshyn in the Ukrainian Gift Shop design book series. It is actually just a variation on the Eight Division, with a few more longitudinal lines thrown in, resulting in sixteen segments. 

This division is generally used in penciled form, and used to orient design elements properly, rather than being written out in wax. It is sometimes used for the basic outline of a folk design, as in this pysanky from Onyshchuk which comes from Kyivshchyna:

More often it is used to help create these pysanky like these from Binyashevsky:


(The pysanky above are from Pidliashia, Volyn, and the Boiko region.)

Creating the “Eight” division is quite simple.  Begin by dividing the egg horizontally, around the middle (A). Then draw a line around the egg vertically, from one pole, through the other, and back again (B).

                             A                                 B      

This gives you a simple cross division.  Measure halfway between each of the up and down lines, mark the spot (
), and draw a second line around the egg, passing through both poles and through each mark (C). These three lines give you an “eight” division (D).  (Note: the egg in the illustration D is simply turned 45° from that in C.)

C                                 D       

To go from the basic Eight division to the Globe division, we need to add a longitudinal line between each set of already existing longitudinal lines.  It is best to measure along the equatorial line, place your mark (
), as in E, and then draw the lines, as in F.

E                                 F

The result is the Globe division, AKA “Division C.”

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Basic Division “C”