The Lattice division is not a very common one, but is seen on occasion.  We can find examples among Hutsul pysanky, like these from Binyashevsky:


This division can also be encountered in other regions, as in these pysanky form Onyshchuk (Kherson and Volyn):


It can be created from an Eight division, or from the Globe division. Once the basic division is drawn, additional lines can be interpolated between the existing ones to create the necessary number of rows and columns. Starting with the basic Globe division (A), we can create an 8x4 Lattice (B):


A                                   B

The 8x4 Lattice can then be used to create an 8x8 Lattice by inserting new horizontal lines between the existing ones (D). This is most easily accomplished using a craft lathe, but can be also done simply by measuring carefully and drawing the lines (C).

C                                 D

The result is a lattice of whatever dimensions you choose (E).  In most cases, not all of the lines will be waxed in; pay close attention to the pattern before applying the wax.


  Globe Division        Cross Division

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