Sorokoklyn Plus



By further subdividing the triangles of a sorokoklyn, even more intricate pysanky can be created.  Binyashevsky gives the example of a “double” Sorokoklyn, with its ninety-six triangles:


Creating this pysanka is easier than it looks.  You must first created a basic Sorokoklyn division (as demonstrated here):

You must then divide each of the triangles (all 48 of them) in half.  This needs to be done so that the division bisects (cuts in half) the hypotenuse (longest side) of the triangle:


And you thought you would never need tenth grade geometry again.........  If we divide each triangle in half this way, we get an egg that looks like this (with the red lines being the new ones):

Which will give us this egg:

I have no photos yet of this particular type, but the illustration at the top of this page by Binyashevsky shows one traditional example from Kurshchyna.

Another variation on the Sorokoklyn Plus is shown below; in this pysanka, only every other triangle was bisected (giving 72 triangles, for those who are counting).  It gives a very modern-looking effect:

If you were to get really, really busy and further divide each of the triangles in the diagram above in half, you would end up with a pysanka with 192 small triangles (and possibly a squint).  You would, in other words, have something that looks a bit like this:


Or, if you add a bit of color, you would end up with a pysanka like the one on the right above: quite pretty, quite complex, and deceptively difficult-looking. If you made one further division in each triangle, you would get this pysanka:

with its 394 divisions.  And so you could continue, ad infinitum.........

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