The star division, although not one of Binyashevsky’s basic divisions, is a fairly common one in Ukrainian pysankarstvo, as the eight pointed star (aka ruzha or rozha) is a very common symbol. (I have covered how to draw starts here.) Natalie Perchyshyn refers to it as “Basic Division B.” It is simply a pysanka divided in half laterally, and then each face divided into eight segments, like a pie.

I refer to is as the star division because the outlined division above is often included in star (aka bokova ruzha) pysanky, like these from Binyashevsky (Volyn, Hutsulshchyna, Kholm):


The entire division is often fully written out in the design, even when the result is not a typical bokova ruzha, as in the examples below from Binyashevsky (Kherson, Eastern Podillia, Eastern Polissia):


Other times, the division is pencilled in, but only parts of it are written with wax and become part of the final design, as in these examples form Binyashevsky (Volyn, and two from Central Halychyna):


Lastly, there are times when the division is pencilled in, and used to orient and place the various motifs, but few if any of the actual division lines are written in wax.  Sometimes the designs are fairly simple, like these Binyashevsky pysanky (Volyn, Kyiv region):


Other times the patterns can be much more complex, especially when you are dealing with Bukovynian, Pokuttian or Hutsul superimposed crosses, as in these examples from Binyashevsky (Hutsul, Pokuttian):


There are at least two ways to create this division.  If you are a beginner, the easiest way to get even divisions is to create an “Eight” vision (A) and then, either freehand or using a circle template, draw a centered circle on each side (B).  Measure (or eyeball) the midpoint of each arc, and mark it (


A                                 B

Draw a line out from the center of the circle to one dot, and continue it to the encircling dividing line.  Repeat in each quadrant (C).  Repeat on the other side of the egg.  You now have your pencilled in division (D).

C                                 D

Alternatively, once you’ve had a bit of experience, you can start with your Eight division (E), and simply “eyeball” a line from the center to the middle of the dividing band for that segment, staying equidistant from both lines (“right down the middle”).  It can also help to make a mark on the dividing band (
) of each segment (E) and pencil out towards it (F):

D                                 E

The result is this  star division (G):


Once you’ve pencilled in the basic Star division, you can easily create one of these lovely pysanky:


(Kyiv region, Zhytomyr region--2)

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