Children’s Handouts

Below are three versions of what started out as a small bilingual handout in 2007.  I’ve created and English version, with pysanka legends, symbols, and basic instructions.  The longer version of the handout includes several pattern sheets. 

       Kid’s Handout (Short)

            Size:  5.3 MB

            There are three sections: myths and legends about pysanky, symbolism of pysanky, and how to make

            pysanky. This updated version is all in English. No step-by-step patterns are included; these can be

            downloaded separately.  (Updated 3-2018)

        Kids’ Handout (Long)

            Size:  27.7 MB

            This handout is the same as the one above, but with 7 pages of step-by-step pysanka patterns,

            simple and complex, diasporan and traditional.  (Updated 3-30-2018)

        Kids’ Booklet (Long)

            Size:  27.7 MB

            This is the long handout in booklet format (PDF).  (Updated 3-30-2018)

These are some other instructional materials that teachers may find useful.

        Design a Pysanka

             Size:  36 KB

             This is an additional page (different formatting) on which I have children design their own pysanky, using

             the symbols they’ve learned about.  There are two ovals so they can draw both sides of the pysanka –

             or two pysanky – as they wish.  (added 3-27-2007)

        Symbolism Booklet

             Size:  4.1 MB

             This is a simple bifold page which contains a basic compendium of pysanka symbols: animal, plant,   

             geometric, household and religious.   (Updated 3-30-2018)

        Trypillian Culture

            Size:  83.3 MB

            I created this handout for a class I taught at our local Ukrainian school.  It is a very large file because of

            all the illustrations I included.  This handout discusses the Trypillian culture within the context of

            Ukrainian history, and discusses their many accomplishments: agriculture, animal husbandry, weaving,

            pottery, tool-making and metallurgy.  (added 11-8-2008)

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