On the pages that follow are links to materials that I have developed over the years for my pysanka (and other Ukrainian folk craft) classes, along with some full-sized photo files.  Please feel free to download, print, use and share.  Clicking on the underlined text (or icon/thumbnail where noted) should start the download process.

Printing and sharing is OK, but if you wish to reproduce this content in a publication or on another web site, please ask first (e-mail link below).  I’ve put a lot of work into these downloads and into this site; most of the text is my own, and all as are many of the illustrations (particularly the step-by-step patterns and photos).

I used to have all of my downloads on one page, but then Apple dramatically increased the amount of my storage space I’m allotted on its server, and the amount of material I could post on this site grew exponentially.  There are just so many files now that I’ve moved my downloads to their own section, with a series of themed pages. There are handouts, pattern sheets, powerpoint presentations, informational pamphlets and screensaver-quality photos.

The sections:

            General information about pysanky

            Children’s hand-outs

            Ukrainian-language materials

            Pattern sheets

            Traditional Pysanka Pattern sheets (English)


Note: due to the large number of photos, screensavers has been moved here.

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