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My Ukrainian language materials are a bit limited at this point.  Here are pdf versions of my old Ukrainian language instructional materials, and an updated bilingual version  I will add other items as I create them. Although I teach pysanky often at our Ukrainian school, many of the children there are primarily anglophone or have limited Ukrainian skills.


             Size:  23.7 MB

             This is a scan of the first pysanka handout I ever produced, back in the 1970s.  Th original was a        

             mimeograph, and I had to learn to use an Ukrainian typewriter to use it (a long, painful process).  It is

             in Ukrainian, and all the illustrations were hand-drawn by me.  I think we used it in ODUM, a Ukrainian

             youth group I was active in.

        Kids' Handout (Short)

            Size:  8.3 MB

            There are three sections: myths and legends about pysanky, symbolism of pysanky, and how to make

            pysanky. This updated version is all in Ukrainian.  (Updated 4-2013)

        Kids' Handout (Long)

            Size:  8.3 MB

            This handout is the same as the one above, but with 5 pages of step-by-step pysanka patterns,

            simple and complex, diasporan and traditional.  (Updated 4-2013)

        Kids’ Booklet (Ukrainian) 2018 (Longer)

            Size:  18.8 MB

            This is the long handout in booklet format with two additional traditional patterns. It is in a booklet format.

           (Added 7-2018)

Below is a booklet version of the traditional pysanka designs found as individual pages here.  It has a cover and 20 patterns from different regions of Ukraine.

       Booklet: Traditional Pysanka Patterns

            Size:  12.2 MB

            This pdf file is in booklet format.  (Added 4-2013)

I prepared an instructional powerpoint presentation for our UCARE/Priyateli Ditey summer camp in 2010.  You can download tit and use it if you wish.  Note that this is .ppt files, so you should be able to open it and edit them if you have a recent version of PowerPoint.  I also created a pdf version.

        Як писати писанки (Powerpoint)

           Size: 10.8 MB

            A step-by-step guide basic introductory guide (in Ukrainian) to making pysanky, it includes sections

            on materials, how to hold a pysachok, and a step-by-step pysanka.  It is particularly useful for beginning

            students. (Updated 2011)

        Як писати писанки (PDF)

           Size: 10.1 MB

            A PDF version of the above Powerpoint presentation.

I also prepared several powerpoint presentations for our Crimean summer camp in 2006.  You can download them and use them if you wish. There were some problems with text, though, as Powerpoint does not recognize some of my Ukrainian fonts.  

        Символіка Писанки

           Size: 4.7 MB

            A detailed explanation (with illustrations)of the symbols found on traditional pysanky

        Символіка Писанки-Кольори

           Size: 8.3 MB

            A detailed explanation of the symbolism of the colors found on traditional pysanky


           Size: 13.8 MB

            Illustrations of traditional Lemko motifs and pysanky


           Size: 8.1 MB

            Illustrations of traditional motifs and pysanky from Chernihiv oblast

I have Ukrainian language versions of my traditional patterns available, and have finally uploaded them to this site.  Look here.  There are 20 patterns on 19 pages. The majority of the patterns are taken from Odarka Onyshchuk’s “Symbolism of the Ukrainian Pysanka.”  And there are two pages of diasporan designs available in Ukrainian as well, here.

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