Dyeing Pysanky

This section is still under construction, but, even so, does contain a good bit of useful material.  Some basic information is on the pages in the links above.....and below.  More will follow.  For information about dyes, including varieties, selection and preparation, go here.  To learn about the chemistry of dyes and dyeing, try here.

This section is meant to discuss the ins and outs of dye theory and more practical aspects of dyeing.

       Dyeing Basics

                    The Dyeing Table

                    The Vinegar Rinse

                    Dyeing a Pysanka

        Dye Theory                   

                    Dye and Color Sequences

                    The Rules of Dyeing

        Special Situations

                    Dyeing Emptied Eggs

                    Dyeing Brown Eggs

                    Dyeing Duck Eggs

                    Dyeing Goose Eggs

                    Dyeing Ostrich Eggs

        Advanced Dyeing Techniques

                    Spot Dyeing

                    Touching Up       

        Dye Removal

                    The Orange Rinse

                    The Yellow Rinse

                    The Water Rinse

                    Bleached Pysanky

                    Detergents (e.g. Simple Green)

        Dyeing Problems and Their Solutions




                    Golden Sheen


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