Easter Cards


On this page are antique and modern Polish Easter cards that I have found on the internet.  Particularly interesting are the cards made from wycinanki (vee-chee-nan-kee), a Polish version of ornamental paper cut-outs.

The creation of paper wycinanki began in the mid-nineteenth century, and colorful wycinanki were pasted on furniture or roof beams as decoration, hung in windows, and given as gifts.

Wycinanki vary by region. For example, wycinanki created in the Kurpie region are typically all one color, while wycinanki from the Łowicz (like those below) region are multicolored. Techniques include cutting, clipping, punching, tearing, and carving of paper, as well as nalepianki in which multiple layers are glued together.  Subject matter includes peacocks, roosters, and other birds; circular or star-shaped medallions (gwiazdy); flowers; and annual holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

(To get a better view of any card, double-click on it.)


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