These lovely cards are, alas, not mine.  Most are from are a collection of antique Ukrainian Easter postcards that were featured on the ArtUkraine site.  They are described as “Easter Celebration On Postcards From Ukraine And Surrounding Areas,” and can be accessed here.  The ArtUkraine site goes into detail about the origins of the cards, and shows the obverse sides as well.  Most date from the 1900s to the 1940s.

Others were found during my peregrinations round the web, the origins often unknown, or were shared with me by friends. 

All are lovely, fascinating glimpses into recent Ukrainian history and culture, and come from various locations around the globe, both from Europe and North America.

In the Pre-WWII era, greeting cards were very often not the bi-folds that we’re used to, but simple postcards, with an illustration on one side, a a heart-felt personal greeting on the other.  (Note: some of these may not have been postcards, but ordinary Easter cards, but were added because they seemed older.)

(To get a better view of any card, double-click on it.)


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