Binyashevsky’s little album of pysanky is basically just that.  There is not much in the way of text, except for a brief discussion of traditional pysanky which includes this now famous illustration of the basic divisions of the egg used in pysankarstvo:

Binyashevsky’s divisions:

а.  lateral

б.  meridian

в.  equatorial

г.  barylka

д.  lattice, cross/four

е.  sakvy

з.  diagonal

ж.  sorokoklyn

Also included is this diagram showing various types of bezkonechnyky (meanders):

Elements of the Ukrainian meander on pysanky:

1, 2, 3, 4 – Hutsul

            5 – Northern Bukovyna

            6 – Zakarpattya (Transcarpathia)

            7 – Volyn’

            8 – Kherson region

9 – Elements of an ancient Greek meander

There are also very brief summaries, in several languages, of the contents of the book.  This was a common practice in Soviet books printed for export.  The table of contents in Ukrainian books is still found at the end of the book, rather than the beginning, as we in the west are used to.  This was the one in Binayshevsky’s book:

  Endpapers        Plates

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