Lemko region


The Lemko region lies in the mountains and foothills of the far western reaches of the Carpathians. Most traditional Lemko territory does not lie within the boundaries of modern day Ukraine.  A small portion is in the western part of Zakarpattia oblast (Transcarpathia), but most is divided fairly equally between Slovakia and Poland. 

While Lemky in Priashiv (Presov) have remained, for the large part, in their ancestral villages, the same is not true of their Polish kinsmen.  The Polish government has, since WWI, implemented a policy of forced polonization, resettlement and repatriation. Ethnic Lemky were forced from their villages; many were sent to the Ukrainian SSR, and now lived scattered throughout the country.  Others were forcibly resettled in northwestern Poland. (More here.)

The Lemko people use both variations of wax resist to create their pysanky: linear batik and drop-pull. There is only one example of the former among Binyashevsky’s examples, but he does give numerous examples of the latter.

Lemko drop-pull is often bicolor–the design written on the white of the eggshell and a dyed background color–but multicolored pysanky exist, too. Binyashevsky has examples of the latter type labelled “Priashiv.”

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