Voronizh region


The Voronizh regions lies within modern day Russia, and is the easternmost extension of Ukrainian settlement (excepting, of course, Siberia). It is ethnographically part of Slobozhanshchyna (aka Sloboda).  This region was wild and unsettled in the 17th century, and used as a base by the tatars for raids on Russia and Ukraine.  It was settled by left and right bank Ukrainians in the 16th and 17th centuries, and was under the control of the Kozaks.

The name Sloboda Ukraine derives from the word sloboda, a Slavic term meaning freedom (or liberty). The settlers of a sloboda were freed by the Tsar from the obligation of paying taxes and fees for a certain period of time, which proved to be very enticing for settlers.

The Voronizh region was also called Podonnia, as it sprawled across the banks of the Don river.  The settlers of this area were called the Don Kozaks. Examples of pysanky from this region are given below; they were also taken from Elyjiw’s stamps.

  Kholm region        Kursk region
  Kholm region        Kursk region

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