Pysanka Exhibit

Detroit Historical Museum


The pysanky in this collection are of two types: traditional folk pysanky, and modern diasporan pysanky. 

The first group consists of designs which have been passed down from generation to generation in Ukraine.  The majority of the pysanky displayed are of this type.  The designs vary from simple to highly complex, and were originally written not for artistic purposes, but for talismanic reasons: protection, fertility, etc. The designs are regional, and these pysanky are grouped here by their region of origin.  They are in Cases 1-8.

The second group consists of the type written by Ukrainian emigrants and their descendants (aka the diaspora).  They are more modern designs, although they often use traditional motifs/symbols and colors.  They are meant to be works of art, first and foremost, and are usually quite intricate.  They are in Cases 9-11.

They are displayed in the albums below.

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