Pysanka Exhibit

Large Egg Diasporan/Великі Діяспорні


From the guide:  This small case contains some very big eggs.  Pysanky were written in the past on all sorts of eggs: chicken, duck, goose, guinea fowl and even swan.  In modern times, pysankary have taken to writing on much more exotic eggs, and quite big ones, including rhea and ostrich (neither of which is endemic to Ukraine).

The eggs in this case are all original modern designs.  The big round egg in the middle is an ostrich egg, and the slightly smaller one next to it is a rhea egg.  The rest are goose eggs.  The designs include adaptations of traditional ones (e.g. the sorokoklyn/triangle eggs), classic diasporan designs, and some very non-traditional designs (realistic sunflowers, leaves, snowflakes). 

  Case 10: Diasporan 2       

Case 11: Diasporan Pysanky (Large Egg)

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