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From the guide:  Podillya  The pysanky in this case bear some of the most ancient pysanka designs.  They are from Podillya in western Ukraine (modern-day Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi and Vinnytsia oblasts).  The oldest human settlements in Ukraine are in this region, and the pysanky bear symbols of their ancient beliefs, with the Goddess (Berehynia) and Serpent (Zmiya) in all their manifestations. Oddly, the primitive nature of the motifs makes them look quite modern to our eyes.

Pysanky from the western part of this region tend to stick to the traditional yellow-red-black color scheme and the ancient motifs; those from the east use more green, and tend more to floral and ruzha motifs, a preference shared by much of central Ukraine.  Also popular throughout the region is the white pysanka.

Can you spot the Berehynia motifs (kucheri, vazon) and Zmiya motifs (waves, spirals, “S”)? Can you find examples of the ruzha and name the plant motifs?  And can you find the white pysanky?

The pysanky in this case were written by Arnie Klein and me, Luba Petrusha.


Case 6: Pysanky of Podillia

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